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Found shrooms

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Finally found some yesterday and today in southern IN. I posted pictures but says they are pending so hope they will be on soon:)) they are small but found 24 total I\'m so excited the season has started!! Happy hunting everyone:)
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That's awesome -- congrats! I just got permission to hunt a friend's farmland woods....I'm so ready!
Thanks Morchella good luck to you!! It's still a little early here because they are small but they are up:)))
That is great! I'm looking forward to finding some morels this year! I'm in the Evansville area and haven't found anything yet but my sister found 12 small morels yesterday in the Boonville area. Yippee!!
Good hunting to all!
It's too bad this sight has become so user UNFRIENDLY make signing in a real a good thing...going to a new site...see ya!!
Yeah pushing that "log in" button is tough. :wink:
It hurts my fingers when I have to login, its a struggle but i pull through it
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