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So I was out hunting on some family farm land and found about 50lbs of good quality morels (yes, that's a mild brag comment, sorry). However, we also found a lot of really soggy and limp ones that we didn't pick up as we hadn't really encountered them before in this number (and my father in law has been shrooming for 40+ years). I'm planning to go back in a few days in hope that they've dried up and become 'perky', but wanted to know if I really should have just grabbed them anyways or if they're ones we should avoid in the future? If they'd been on public land or an area where we know trespassers typically go, we probably would have snagged them just to keep them out of other's hands (hah).


Also, in Nebraska, are there rules in place that keep us from selling to restaurants at all? I've seen some local places that have morels in their weekly specials.

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