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Frederick Maryland Morels

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Last year was a great year! I found patches of Morels everywhere. They came late last year due to the cold hanging in here to late. Once the temperatures stayed here through the nights and rain came, they were huge late April. I found them until the middle of May as well which I found odd. I have had great success coming out with 40-75 mushrooms on average at our location here. To locate ours we look for rock walls, fallen trees and Poplar trees. The Morels seem to love them here. Found some as large as cans last year. Will post some pics soon, just don't know how to work this site yet just signed up. Anyone else from Maryland have huge success?
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Also, just a little more intel on our area. We have 4 types of Morels in our area that I find. We have black ones, grey ones, white ones, and what I like to call peckerheads. The black & grey fat round ones always come in a little before the white ones, and later in the season we get white ones with tall stems that I call peckerheads. In the beginning we will find a lot of grey ones and sometimes we find a mix of grey and white ones. Poplar trees are a good sign of Morels in high elevation areas. Learn this tree to help you locate possible areas. I always look for rocky areas with thick undergrowth. I always find them in thick undergrowth, around and in patches of green grass and of course in open areas as well. I think with the heavy snow we got and the moisture in the ground this year, we will have a great season. So get up on the mountian and start looking in all those leaves and undergrowth around the 2nd-3rd week of April, if the temperature is right and you have a sharp eye, you will find em! Now, be careful who you tell if you find a spot, people are vultures for these things around here and then tend to pick your spot. Keep your eye out for parked cars along country roads, you'll see where they are going, especially state parks that allow it!
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Lucky you, every year I go looking but never find anything becuase the trees look the same to me. Maybe this year might be my lucky year.
Yeah it can be difficult, but don't give up! Hey, last night stayed 50 degrees here. So if it stays that way within the next 7-10 days, we should have some shrooms here in Maryland. I went walking yesterday but the trees haven't even bloomed yet and the may apples haven't sprouted yet. Every year is different. Keep your head up! LOL. Actually keep it down and looking for Morels!! Man I can't wait to get that frying pan out with some flour and butter! YUMMY. I will keep you posted on the shrooms here in Maryland.
Hey Bob, Jason here. Last year was our first successful year finding some morels, and we would love to find some more this year. I'm just over the boarder in Washington County, literally 1/2mile away but would love to hear when you start seeing some out there to give me more of an idea of when to go and look. I was thinking this Saturday but am starting to think it may be to early. If you ever want to explore new areas and give tips I would explore with you out this way if you want to try to find new areas
Sounds great. Yeah it is a little early here. The poplars haven't blossomed yet but I'm banking on the next 7-10 days. I will certainly let you know when I find them so you have an idea of when to go.
Thanks, greatly appreciated and will do the same if I find some
New to the area.. living close to Westminster.. have been picking Molly moochers for 20+ yrs in southern WV with great success.. looking for places,public or private, around here to hunt.. any help would be greatly appreciated..
The best advice I can give you since you have been hunting for 20+, you know what to look for already as far a signs for them. Go to you local state parks and take a hike. Dickerson, C & O canal, Gambrill State Park, Utica State Park, Gapland State Park. Honestly it is hit or miss with every location. Google some parks by you. You can't just expect to walk in and find them in 10 minutes, I'm sure you know that with your experience. Everytime I go somewhere new I take friends and we walk for hours until successful. Honestly the spots I have are private property which aren't picked by other people, which might be why I am so sucessful. I hunt a couple parks but I tend to try and beat everyone else in there cuz if not they get picked before hand and you find a 5-10 instead of your normal 50. Hope it helps hillbilly shroomer.
Also, when driving in public mountian areas or parks, I look for blooming poplar tree tops to get potential hot spots. Park if possible take a hike.
Appreciate the heads up on some parks.. been looking around for poplar stands but seeing mostly oak. Reckon I'll have to make some time to take a walk.. heading south in the am and gonna spend some time filling the sack with moochers and ramps.. maybe when I get back I'll get to do some hunting.. Good luck and thanks again
Hi. I tried morels last year for the first time and have been dying to hunt for them. Would anyone be willing to show me the ropes. I am not sure I want to try it on my own.
Finally made it to the woods.. no luck on shrooms but the snakes are out. Lol
Anyone think the area where the wildfire was this past weekend will produce this year? KILLED them last year in a spot in wash. co. that had burned about 5 months before.
Well folks, I went out this weekend and no shrooms. The May apples are just popping about 1-4 inches in spots and the poplar is blooming. With rain forecasted tomorrow I'm thinking like i said before the next 7-10 days. This weekend coming should be producing. My maximum prodiction is 7-14, no later. Went to my honey hole where i usually find 75-100 easy and the another spot on the Maryland Virginia border. They should be up soon, if your looking now, you are wasting your time.
We were out on Saturday and found about a 20 acre patch of Poplars on a hillside, roughly 70% atleast. Have never searched here before but looks promising. They were not blossoming yet then, so I hope that this new spot will produce something. Last year we stumbled upon some more than locating trees.
Found 1 pinky toe sized black today but thats it on the Frederick/Washington boarder. Don't have much experience hunting yet but was wondering how often after the first signs typically do others start popping up? 1 day, 2 days or more. Just wondering how often we should check back, don't want to be smashing the other small ones that we cant see with our feet.
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