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Fresh Hill Morels For Sale

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We have 60 lbs and picken every day $25 per lb.
Call 402-658-9594 or 402-380-6623
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Before I notify my purchasing agent, Old Picker, can you please post a picture of what you're selling? Are they morchella crassipes, esculenta, or deliciosa? The variety is critical to my specific culinary need. Thanks, and good pickin'!
Hill morels means they don't have sand on them. I'm picking yellows, grays, and what i call blacks the thickest best tasting ones. I will try and post a picture of what i pic tomorrow not sure if i can remember how.
Where exactly are you located? I've been dying for some morels but don't know where to hunt for them so I'm considering buying.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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