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fresh morels for sale . picked yesterday will ship

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We have 9 pounds of morels picked yesterday for sale . asking 40 dollars a pound. will neg. price if buy more than a pound at a time.
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Please call 402-733-2086 ... I'm Phillip...(name here is morelMorales) I want to buy 2lbs...???...but how much ??? How ship ??? Hope you still have some. Going out for supper, be back 7:30-8:p.m.
Please call 6147692323. Want to buy three pounds
If any one comes up with at least 20lbs or more please call me at 816-261-9512. Thank you and good hunting.
I haven't had mushrooms for years and would love them. I'm too old to go hunting myself anymore. I'd like a few pounds, if you have them. Are you near Peoria, ILLINOIS? I could drive from Bloomington to get them. Thanks! dinycat
very interested, please email at [email protected] if you still have some available.
we are out of fresh morels . but we are selling dehydrated morels for 80 dollars for 2oz. free shipping anywhere!
Looking for larger morels to stuff.

If you have them, I would paypal money .

Thanks ginger
Ginger I only have dehydrated morels. some are large some medium very few small. I have 9oz. to sell I would sell at 25 dollars an ounce if you take them all. free shipping. 9oz would be about 3 to 4 pounds . let me know. Thank you..Chad
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