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Fresh Morels

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I know it seems like it's early,but time will be on us quick.The Mushroom season is about here.We are buying fresh morels when the time comes.send me an email and I'll get right back with you,Good Luck have a good season and God Bless.
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boone, I just picked 53 and a half pounds of fresh greys. I can't get away to meet you but if you will send me a cashier's check for, let's say $1,500, I will get them to you pronto. You are not going to get a better price than that. I am a non-profit organization with just a few fee's and bills to pay so you can trust me.
KB, might I ask what state you found them in? Nice haul by the way!
sorry fritz, boone is a bud of mine, and I am just messing with him. to early yet unless you want to head to the Red River or Georgia.
I hear ya, we should be getting close! I'm stoked
I walked around to some of my old spots today. I didn't figure I would find any but just wanted to get out.
Soil temp at 4 inches down hit 50 lastnight ! All we need now is some moisture, which is in the forecast! I'm eager
Hey hunters,cmon rain. Been out with no luck but fun regardless ,found puffballs n turkey tails,n some big purple shroom , no idea what it was,might have to take thur or fri off n hunt all day, good luck people,I'm a rookie but have found some looking for a cool hunting buddy , anybody interested, I'm in olathe , rod 913 660 4670,text works best
Hello, I'll hopefully be in the Lawrence area in a few weeks to check my spots. Can't wait!
Anyone seeing anything I'm going crazy after this rain I need to get out there 8-O
Anyone finding anything I'm going crazy after this rain I need to get out
Probably still just a bit early but I'm gonna go take a gander tomorrow
Looked a little bit today, No rain here and ground is fairly dry. Need the rain to make them pop.
I'm a few miles from Oklahoma. Took a look this morning and didn't see any. We always get some within about 300 feet of our house so it is nothing to check on them.
I feel like we had way more action here on the forum last year! I'm gonna go poke around today ill keep you all updated, have a good one
I was out all morning and covered 3-5 miles along the river and found 0 morels. Quite a few turkey tails but thats about it. I don't understand how Oklahoma and Missouri are finding them but so far none in NE KS. I'm shooting for 4-10-14
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