Gear Up its going to be a BIG season !

Discussion in 'Tennessee' started by nutsak, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. nutsak

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    This new camo is being displayed on a brand new material. It is a Micro Polyester Mesh - Spore Friendly !

    This camo is also available in my double panel nylon Heavy Duty Mesh bags. Maximum size is 12 x 18.

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  2. morelseeker

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    Hey @nutsak Where are you actually from? What state? I see you trying to sell your products on all of the message boards. Have any sales? Maybe you should get a Twitter account to hit a broader audience. Maybe you could try some other products than bags since most folks just use potato sacks.

  3. nutsak

    nutsak Morel Connoisseur Sponsor

    Im a gypsy, I will get a twitter thats a great idea. I will also make more stuff, that is also a great idea. Yes I have sales my bags a freaking awesome. No problem using potato sacks if that is what you prefer. I know a couple Amish hunters who potato sack it.

    at least a potato sack is better than a walmart bag.

    maybe I will list my shroom blades for sale if that isn't restricted.

    thanks for all the great advice.
    have a great morel hunt!