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Geauga County?

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Anyone searching in Geauga county? Bainbridge here...

I started looking this past week but have not found any. Found a couple Dryads and a bunch of ramps but no morels.... I have been searching the warmer places, open field tree lines, hills near creeks etc...

I am searching on private land with permission and see what appears to be lots of Tulip and Ash trees but very few elms. Have found some HUGE sycamore trees as well down in the Chagrin River valley in east Cuyahoga county (Chagrin Falls).

Anyone near me?

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Chardon, concord area here....around 6 + hours & no luck yet.... Can't be much longer!
Went out again yesterday and today. Zero. The past two days I was in the Chagrin River valley. Think I found a false morel. Have a picture of it and need to figure out how to post a picture.

Found some more dryads as well. The "false morel" was down in a ravine near a stream by a huge dead tree. I also found a HUGE patch of ramps. Took some to a local chef for the Saturday nigh dinner special. Thousands of them on the hill of the ravine and very easy to dig. I took a couple pounds and pickled them. I may dig a bunch more and make a big batch of pickled ramps to keep for the winter. Anyone else have any luck?

A buddy found 11 morels out in willoughby up in the east branch tributary. Said they were in the sandy soil on a hillside near the river..haven't had any luck myself yet.
The shroom was down deep in the leaf ground cover. I had to cut it out to get a good picture of it. I placed it on the fallen tree to get a better picture. Can anyone ID the tree from the bark?
Here in Burton and looked for about an hour or so. Nothing so far, seemed really dry still. Headed to Nelson to check out that area today. Steady 50 degree nights now, so should be coming and just saw my first hummingbird this morning which I'm told is a good sign!!;)
JDK - That is most definitely the bark from a slippery elm. And while some don't recommend we eat the false morels, I personally find them quite tasty. I was out out searching this morning and encountered a very nice patch in the chagrin river valley in an apple orchard near where the eagles feed. They were small but I suspect in the next day or so these puppies are going to turn into full grown doggies…watch out cause they dogs bite! Good luck
Found five more false morels in Geauga County. Top of a hill by a dead fallen cherry tree.
How did Nelson go? I went to punderson for a couple hours but found nothing.

Mr. Morelski -

I have permission to hunt 100 acres of private land in the chagrin river Valley. Not sure I have ever seen an eagle though. We the Apple trees wild or like an old farm orchard? I see lots of Apple trees but they are crab apples does it matter?
The land is right in chagrin falls / hunting Valley.

An eagle is a large predatory bird. In the Chagrin area there are bald eagles which are black with white heads. Sounds like you have some really great access. This fresh rainfall can make a morel pop 1-2" plus it clears away some of the brush. If you're not already out looking good you should be! Any chance I can join you? I could trade you. I have a weekend rafting trip for 2 on the Mohican. Let me know!
jdk...never made it to nelson yet, but searched some local areas for the last few days. I think the soil temp. is still a little cold. My dad found 65 today in huron county. I think they'll be popping in the next few days for sure. Good to get some rain!!
Found 1 grey. In stark county..few dog peckers bear Lisbon...going looking tomorrow
I have been looking in Cuyahoga County, nothing yet, but I think within the next few days morels will be in the area.
Just finished eating my first morels of the year!!! ...2 hours this morning only yielded 6 blacks 2 yellows and 8 pecker heads... Found a lot of dried pecker heads....not the bounty I was hoping for, but better than nothing....chardon area
Found 17 today in Geauga County. Most were under an elm tree. Not sure what type they are but I believe they are half frees. Will post some pics ASAP
1 in stark peckers in Lisbon....think we will get another week?

I saw my first beef steak false more last week. Today I found what I believe is a bunch of half frees. If the morel species timing is true it seems it is just starting this next couple weeks for yellows. I am still new to this so I'm not sure. I think it goes verpas, beef steak false, half frees, then yellow, white, gray, and blacks?
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