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The haul of 108 morels were situated on a southerly facing hill at about 1700'. There weren't tall and robust trees around so the canopy was moderate. The morels were just about prime, if I could I would of gave them a couple more days.
The next day I found 22 in a more or less open meadow at 400'. They got lots of sun but were just past prime.
Also found 35 under a more dense canopy at 1000'. Again these were just past prime but still nice, a lot of weight but fragile.
The next time I can escape I will be searching at about 1800'.
I can't see how but I hope this helps.
The work will always be there, our biggest occupational hazard is burn out. Let everyone know that you work best on a full charge and the woods recharges your battery. At least that is my story.
I hope you score big, really big. Go get em!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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