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Getting Frustrated

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I need some advice. I have searched several forested areas over the last two weeks in Jefferson, Bullitt, and Hart counties without success. Can someone give me some tips where to find morels. I found one morel across the street from my house next to an old elm tree. Others have posted about finding them in Jefferson County. I have been looking almost daily. Please help.
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petvetky, Sorry to hear you're having trouble finding the elusive morel. It can be tough sometimes if you don't have spots that have produced in the past. I hunt Hart & Jefferson with fair success. In Hart, I focus on east or north facing hickory/poplar hillsides. Start at the bottom of the hill and work your way up slowly. They are easier to see searching that way. Once you find 1, stop right there and search thoroughly. Most of the blacks are already finished so you will be looking for yellows and greys. Good luck.
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