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Getting the itch!!!

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Starting to get the itch guys. Man I can't wait we better keep getting rain. See it in the forecast that's already a better start than last year. Found a bunch of new area last year. Totally STOKED. :lol:
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I'm in Warrenville. Last year was not to good for me! Really feeling like this will be a good year!
I think were doing good on rain....we got 4.5 + inches in peoria overnight and it just leeps we just gotta wait for those temps to go up!
Gotcha beat!!! I'm in DuPage county and in Lombard. This I'm my rain gauge after 19 hrs.

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How do you post pics on here!!!!!! Anyways in 19hrs we got 7.5 inches of rain.
Wow!!! I wonder if this is too much rain lol!
I am in Glen Ellyn area and heard Lombard has 75% road closed, Try to make it to the Airport for a meeting could not get there from here roads flooded everywhere, Can't wait till it warms up going to be a great season.
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