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Good year so far, how much time is left?

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I have been having a good year so far. Both in the hills, and by the Platte and Elkhorn rivers. Every time I go out I come back with a couple pounds. Nothing spectacular, but a steady bounty. Lately, I have found some of the bigger ones I have ever found in the hills. They are about the size of my whole hand. (not sure how to post my phone pics to show them off)

Do you think we will get another good wave of poppers with the crazy rain/thunder/lightning shows and the sun coming out again the next few days?
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These are from about 4pm today [5/13/2014] all from the Omaha area. They are still out there and there are more than enough to make it worth going out for. You just need to walk back into the areas that most people would rather not venture into.. for whatever the reason. I will tromp through giant weed, prickly plants, get on my hands and knees and crawl through brush that has been folded over, and just get myself anywhere that the average person might be apprehensive about checking out. That's where I am finding pounds of them...

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Found 2lbs that looked very similar to these...wouldn't be surprised if they came from the same spot ;)

<a href=""><img src="" alt="" /></a>
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how do I upload pics? I have some to show...
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