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Grundy/Will County Morels 2015

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With the 2015 season coming close Id like to start a thread. See who's doing what and when in the Will/Grundy area. Everyone knows you can't buy a good spot but keeping eachother updated never hurts anyones pick! Haha. I've been out several times recently. Starting to look like spring. Some areas more then others. Hope everyone does well supposed to be a great season. With this rain, sunshine and good temps this week it'll be here before we know it. Keep posting and good luck
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Went this morning and found some greys. Marked them with pop cycle sticks. There
Are a abundant sacks full off rt6 in the empress woods. Just bring your running shoes.
I'll go back this time next week and get some more when my spots at my clubs dry up.
Good luck tymdk™
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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