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Guilford/Randolph morels

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I'm new here. Hello all. I though I'd share what I'm seeing out there. I found 21 Thursday beside a creek in Greensboro just north of the airport. They were all under a big elm(I think it was an elm), with lots of tulip poplars around. Some were pretty dry but some were fresh and moist. I found 28 Wednesday in Trinity beside a creek with lots of poplar and a few elms around. They were pretty spread out. The most I found in one spot was 6. The nicest ones were close to the creek under elms. Some were up in the woods on the side of a north facing hill in heavy leaves. I spent a good two hours looking. Sunday I found 8 in High Point. Again, beside a creek with lots of tulip poplars and a few elms. I found 7 of them in one patch with three of them being the largest I've ever found. The biggest one was 6". I'm really going to try to check there again this upcoming weekend. I checked a couple other spots with no luck but I will check again. The weather conditions have been great but we could use a good rain for sure. Happy hunting!
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I went back out to the spot where I found the large morels last weekend and there were more nearby. They were past their prime but some of them were still ok. I found a 7.5" monster and a couple more around 6". I brought 12 home in all but I found at least 15 others that were dried up. It seems to me that they are winding down around here. I'll check one more time after these thunderstorms roll through. Maybe there's a few more just waiting for some rain.
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