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Handcarved Morel Mushroom items

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Check out our shop to see our handcarved Morel Mushroom keychains $7, walking sticks $19-45, wine stops $7, necklaces $7, earrings $10, magnets $7, decoys $6-8 etc. We continue to add new items and will do custom orders including putting your name on your custom walking stick. FREE SHIPPING on orders over $20 in March with the promo code: FUNWITHWOOD at~

"Like" us on Facebook for product updates etc. at~

"Follow" us on Pinterest for Mushroom recipes, hunting tips, humor, identifing pictures, growing info and more!
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We now have a handcarved Morel Mushroom beer tap handle on our site. It turned out great! Be the envy of all your friends!
We just added personalized rings, keychains and pet / id tags. We do custom orders for no extra charge!! Check it out! :)
Check out and "Like" our Facebook page to get 10% off your order in April!!! We have even more new items including plant stakes for $8, garden morels 8-9" tall for just $10 ~ They are adorable!!
Just listed a few new walking sticks on our site! We also just started doing wholesale prices for large orders. Check it out.
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