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Hello from Ulster County, NY

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Hello all, just joined here. I have been interested in mushroom hunting for years, but mostly focused on edible wild plants. Started actually looking for mushrooms over the summer. Here is my first find!


Cooked it up in some soup and froze some for later. This ended up being about 5 pounds, but some of it was tough.
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Your chicken looks like it's been growing for a while, I usually just break off the edges of chicken mushrooms it's the most tender part.Plus you don't disturb the mycilium
U can take the hard pieces and make mushroom stock with it.
Good tips guys! And welcome,Goshawk!!Was just out for a short peek.Got some hedgehogs,a couple chants and couple trumpets.Surprisingly dry after recent rains.And bugs galore.Gotta get back to the garden.Enjoy!!!
Thanks all. Got out today for a little bit and found a ton of Ramaria and a few Amanitas. Found a few gilled mushrooms that I'm still trying to id, and what appears to be a rotted chanterelle.

I only cut maybe an inch out of each chicken shelf, but this one was definitely a bit older.
Too bad nothing edible today, but here are the pics that I am kind of stuck on.

Any idea where to start Id on this one?

Ramaria sp. I was thinking it looked like gelatinosa.

Having a hard time finding an ID on this one too.
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Bottom one looks like a peppery milky and middle is coral of some sort.
It appears the top photo is a Lycoperdon pyriforme. Choice edible in the young stages! Second is definitely a coral of some sort. I am leaning toward the Ramaria genus. Third does look like a peppery milky. The local deer population trampled them so I did not see any seeping the gills.
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