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Discussion in 'Michigan' started by tlag77, May 7, 2014.

  1. tlag77

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    Hey there,

    Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Tim, I'm in Oakland County, just got into 'shrooming a couple years ago so I have a lot to learn. Thanks to this board I have gained some knowledge on this subject. On another note with this rain and warmth coming we should see some morels popping all over....I hope.
  2. austinbagge

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    Yes, Hello. I'm new to this website and have been 'shrooming for 4 years i think.. I'm from Kent county. But normally find my mushrooms up in Newaygo. And the morels are definitely already starting to pop around here

  3. tlag77

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    Well I found about 8 whole mushrooms last year, found a spot that was decent and has a couple guys run up and start picking right where I was picking, gotta love public land. Hoping to have a better year this year. Will see what happens.
  4. jack

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    Here's what they look like
    <a href="http://s1197.photobucket.com/user/mushroomjack1/media/198429_3493024456645_1760606386_n_zps7ad5cd9b.jpg.html" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">[​IMG]</a>
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  5. tickseed

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    Hi all, another new guy from Oakland County here, my name is Sam. Ive been shroomin for about 4-5 yrs or so for many types of shrooms usually in Oakland county state land. Last year was my first year to find morels in any appreciable amount - maybe a pound total or couple stir fry dinners worth. Great stuff but they sure are hard to find. I had no advance knowledge of spots so I had spend alot of bush time getting to find some spots. Youtube vids helped alot but sometimes I ended up finding them in unlikely locations too. Abandoned homesteads and former farmlands-turn-forest have worked best so far but I have yet to find any motherlodes.

    Now that I do have some advance knowledge of spots, I hoping to have a better spring this year.

    I'm also going to be driving through Oklahoma real soon around early april and I was thinking about giving it shot over there.

    Hoping for motherlodes finds for all.

  6. celticcurl

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    Hi Tflag and Tickseed. Check out Mushroom Jack's videos! He does a really nice job. Just don't poach on his patch and you'll be fine :mrgreen:

    I'm headed to AR for a week and hope to find some shrooms there. At least it's SPRING down there and it's green.