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Hi all, another new guy from Oakland County here, my name is Sam. Ive been shroomin for about 4-5 yrs or so for many types of shrooms usually in Oakland county state land. Last year was my first year to find morels in any appreciable amount - maybe a pound total or couple stir fry dinners worth. Great stuff but they sure are hard to find. I had no advance knowledge of spots so I had spend alot of bush time getting to find some spots. Youtube vids helped alot but sometimes I ended up finding them in unlikely locations too. Abandoned homesteads and former farmlands-turn-forest have worked best so far but I have yet to find any motherlodes.

Now that I do have some advance knowledge of spots, I hoping to have a better spring this year.

I'm also going to be driving through Oklahoma real soon around early april and I was thinking about giving it shot over there.

Hoping for motherlodes finds for all.

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