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help with id in St Paul

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I just sat down next to a Morel under my apple tree. I've never id'd mushrooms, but think this is a true one by what I read on line. It has a hollow stem and cap, looks like the pictures I've seen and is growing under an apple tree. I set it under glass to get a spore print overnight, but do not see anything, so perhaps I did it wrong. I would love to bring it to someone to feel more confident what it is, but hope to do so before it is kaput s I have never tried a morel before! Anyone in the twin cities area that would help...I'll drive whereever to find out! Anything I can do to encourage more morels to grow in the same spot. I've lived at this house a decade and never had one grow here before.
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Started a face book group for Minnesota Morel Mushroom Hunters, Here is the link
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