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Hens Have Started!

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Found 3 little hens about 50 miles South of KC today! They were all between golf ball and tennis ball size.
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People are finding hens around stl area. unfortunately not me
It looks like it's gonna be a good year for hens, I found 5 more little ones yesterday. Also found some chicken starting to emerge from a fallen log. Hope you find some soon jmerx!
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I have found a few around KC,so far I've checked one tree,lol :) I hope the other trees I watch have some as well.Good luck to all you Maitake nuts out there!!! Some pretty ones there ShroominSara!!
Nice hen veronica your dirty looks about as dryers as ours. Went out for a short walk this morning didn't see nothing. Going back to the spot that's produced the last two weekends tomorrow morning hopefully something around.
Those are indeed hens, and nice ones at that. Watch it for Mister Michael Rogers though. He picks all he sees including ones that small. No respect for nature or mushrooms imho. Just in it for the glory. He even picked stumps I had left to seed. Greed is a bad thing when you sacrifice sustainable picking for photos of your trunk full of mushrooms.
You can only eat so many, I always leave one or two hens untouched by every good tree
I left 3 r 4 small ones behind for reseeding. I found 10 hens yesterday
Would you guys mind posting what cities you're in?
Yes and some GPS coordinates would be REALLY appreciated :lol:
I find most of my shrooms on Missouri's public grounds.I travel up to an hour north or south of where I live two different places
LOL let's not get crazy! :)

I'm in St. Louis and it's hard to get out, so I need to plan well. I just don't want to go spend my time when the season isn't hopping in my area!
Turick its hopen! With this rain Friday thru sunday should be great.
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