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Hens out in the woods!

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Not a fabulous season thus far for Hen-of-the-woods, but I am hopeful for more in my usual spots in the next few weeks with the cooler and wetter weather on the way. There are plenty of Suillus americanus out there, and they are fabulous-tasting, but they are a bit of work to peel...I think they ARE worth the time!!

I am hoping for some Steinpilz soon too...It has been a while since I last found a 3- pounder and five 1-pounders...what a rush!! Guess I have to travel to higher altitudes to get a bunch of 'em...

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I found a couple of kings the other day. They were huge. I was so excited but when I got to them they had a dusting of blue mold on them. Other than that they were perfect. I was sad to leave them. I am not as much of a fan of the Slippery Jack i think all the work that goes into peeling them makes them not worth it. If think the suillus pictus (Painted Bolete) are much more fun to find and you dont have to peel them. The taste of both suilus I still find to be just ok.
found a huge hen but it was past prime nice place for next year.someone told me they seen morels on the trenton gorge walk ....things that make you go hhhhhmmmmmmm
Well, I have been out searching for Hens, and I think I have been finding Lepista nuda=BLEWITS!! I have not ever had them to eat, nor have I ever ascertained that they truly are Blewits, so I must do some spore prints. They were in huge fairy rings!! And MAN, do they smell soooooo good! I did find some Cortinarius with the rusty veils...creepy! So I do know them well. I need to find me a new mentor. My wonderful friends, Dolly and Doc, RIP...I miss you every year. Sure could use your expertise at this moment. If they are Blewits, there are 20-30 pounds out there in the leaves by the oak stands where I find Hens every year! I am excited to check 'em out tomorrow...I will take pix of them and their spore prints to show all!!!

Happy Hunting,all!!
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