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here we go

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NE nebraska 2 1/2 lbs today, put your shroom glasses on they are there.
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Pics or it didn't happen. Show the shrooms with a current receipt please. Tired of these unfounded BS Claims. I have honey holes one he Missouri, platte, loess hills, and all over the damn place. Nothjng nothing and nothing. I've been hunting em for 25 years. Please Proove it!
Wow so harsh. I bet I would have been getting hate like that if I wouldn't if posted pics of my finds over here in Ohio the other day. Micro Climates happen, I walked into one the other day and it's possible old picker did too. I'll never jump to conclusions and shoot off at someone like that, especially after what I learned this year(well I wouldn't have acted like that ever anyway). It would have been simple just to ask for a picture and think the rest in your head. Now if he shows a picture your just gonna look like a giant ass(and I just saw this same thing go down a couple days ago for another picker who was telling the truth all along). Enjoy mushrooming! Good Luck to all you this year!
Found a little over a lb. today in Lancaster County. Mostly greys but a couple yellows as well.
I may come across as harsh, but people are wasting my and other time by tossing out BS Claims. I'm not callin old picker a liar, I'm simply asking him and others to prove it. Plain and simple. Show proof or don't post it.
Why are they wasting your time? If someones BSing it's only their time being wasted. Unless your post bitching was time you wasted, then I see I guess. If someone is waiting on a post on a website to go out picking they aren't a mushroom hunter, their an internet hunter. It's sad people would wait on something to come off the internet to get out there. Saying post a pic or it didn't happen sure seems like your calling them a liar.

I wish you all the best of luck this year.
Crap, I meant to add about how this sight isn't very user friendly for picture posting, please take that into consideration.
It seems you're wasting my time at this point. I've been out, I check the ground temps, I look and listen, I follow my nose like I'm searching for a bowl of fruit loops... Oops just found one. No one asked you to be captain save a ho. Weeedooweeedooo. Here comes the forum police. This is a tool, used to see the progression of mushrooms, within a specified state. Just the same as all the other old timer trick and myths. Welcome to the 21st century.

But when people consistently say they found something, and can't harbor proof, then the lack of evidence lead someone (like myself) to believe they claim is unfounded, and a clear an utter betrayal of the reason these forums exist.

Thanks for playing though. Don't worry, when I actually find some, I'll post pics, along with gps coordinated to your backyard, so every tom dick and Harry shows up looking for all the shrooms you aren't finding.
LOL whatever sore looser. Take your old cranky ass to bed already. Your Butt hurt. Get it some rest.
LOL now who's being harsh? Judging by your name I'm guessing you have me by a couple years. It's all in good fun man. :) I just know mushrooms, and when I see NE nebraska, 2.5lbs, and south east nebraska is showing NOTHING, it's a hard pill to swallow. Micro climates exist, I understand, but I have friends (not on these forums) and family all searching their spots, and no one is finding anything, anywhere. They are close, ready to pop any day now. Good luck to everyone. Cept you. ;)
Wow, now I know why I've been a member of this site and never posted. Don't want to get anyone to go POSTAL on me. And yes I've been hunting shrooms since I was 5 or 6, now I'm just an old picker and have seen and picked in places with some of the worst weather and you up there (mr.slicker) wouldn't believe it even if I had all my log books in front of you. I just got a dig. camera this year, back when I started all we did was log, date, weather, place, time of day and temp. See where I'm going with this. Relax and have fun, mabey write down some things you see on this site. Has helped me a lot.
P.S. Slicker I could print a current recpt. of who ever you want as the business to be with my photo shop.
Oh absolutely jklass. I have notes in my head. It's all there, once I skirt around the sarcasm.

I actually conduct experiments each year, seeding places void of morels, trying tricks I learned on the Internet, and trying a few of my own. I've had successes, and failures. But each attempt teaches me a little more about morels. Soon I'll be growin them in my basement. ( I wish )

Unfortunately experimenting with morels takes years when the Forrest floor is your laboratory.

Initially I wasn't trying to be confrontational, but when poked with a stick, well I poke back.

It's easy for sarcasm to be lost on forums though, as tone and connotation don't translate well through binary code.

Good luck to everyone. (Cept jim33) ;) <---- my new sig.

I hope to see some pics soon!
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I'm pretty savvy with Photoshop as well, and I can dissect any fake photo and show proof that it's been manipulated. When you do photography for a living, you learn a thing or two. . . Or twelve. :)

Something tells me anyone making false claims, probably doesn't have the skills to manipulate a photo, and pass it as legit. Odds are they have more teeth in their pocket than they do in their mouth. Go for it though. I'd like to see just how skilled you are on the computer. I accept your challenge. :)
Jim is absolutely correct. Micro climates. I didn't believe it until yesterday but I thought it always made sense. 4 separate spots. Biggest 1 1/2". 6 over one inch. Over 70 total (many were the size of a grain of rice). They have started. Good luck everyone.
Slicker-Picker did you ever consider going to the optometrist. Maybe that stick accidentally poked your eye.
oh and by the way found one, yes one yesterday. Sorry no pic, do not use photo bucket, I'm not worthy.
That's not my age, That's the County # of where I'm from. See you were wrong again.
Slick picker prob only knows how to pick his nose while trolling forums and trying to tell people what to do and demand people post pics so he can drool all over em or hijack em and say he found em .
I Got CASH! Want 2-3lbs omaha nebraska Greg 402-253-7132 or [email protected]
WTF is wrong with some people on this forum. Stop with the petty arguing and name calling and post something useful. I'm going hunting tomorrow in the river bottoms and if I find anything, I'll post it. I'm not taking any pictures and posting them because it's not necessary. If you choose to believe my report then good for you for having a little faith that not everybody is a liar. If you choose not to believe my report, then oh well. I really don't care.
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