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Discussion in 'Nebraska' started by matriarch, May 2, 2014.

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    I get on these forums and am AMAZED and the loot so many of you pick. I know the rules and tips and tricks...I haven't had any luck and ive been out more than 10 times already between Late April and now. I continued checking a place where I have always found a little patch of mushrooms to get an idea if they are up or not. Nothing...but so many people around me are saying its record breaking amount that is already up and ready to be picked! I'm getting so frustrated. I have even been going out on my lunch breaks, looking as often as I can. Everytime im ready to venture South East where so many are bragging I hear someone else assure me, "oh no im up north and ive found lots already!"...

    Along the Elkhorn is where ive always been luckiest, fallen cottonwoods, hillsides and banks, bases of trees...Ive never really stumbled upon a "honey hole", but just occasionally find one...If ive learned anything from where ive found one, its that they grow everywhere...I have found them along fence lines, in the middle of pastures, in the shade, in the sun, along any body of water and base of any tree.

    It May 2nd, and im getting discouraged...what am I doing wrong!?
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    Matriarch, you are doing nothing wrong...patience is key but the land you hunt is the determining factor. Yes morels can and will grow everywhere but the land has to be right. A "honey hole" can be there one year not the next, it takes a couple of years for morels to establish a growth in a confined area and by the time you find this wonderful spot they make not come up the next year. In my opinion, you have to remain determined and willing to go "where others will not". I have hunted public land and ventured into the thickest of the thick and found plenty but the easy walking is picked over. Don't get discouraged because you will eventually find a cluster and next thing you know, your afraid to move because they're scattered in all directions 8-O

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    When I get frustrated hunting morels I walk faster and get what I call "quick eyes." Often, all I need to do is slow down my eyes and hunt with a little more patience. They are definitely up in some places in Nebraska. In other places, it seems to be still too early.

    They don't hit everywhere at the same time. Ground conditions and local weather plays a large role. In eastern Douglas County there's very little greening in some areas. In western Douglas County there's green everywhere.