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Hot dog they are up!

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Went out this morning for about an hour and a half and found 135 morels and the good thing about it is that I only hunted about a fifth of what I usually hunt.I had my wife and two boys with me and it started raining so we left.But you can believe as soon as it stops I'll be back to finish the job.Looking like the beginnings of a stellar year here in the mountains!
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Hey mountainman where are you located? Im from around macon and jackson county area. I was about to chalk it up as another poor morel season. Normally the season would be winding down for me at this point. But by the sounds of things it might just be getting started. What is the aproximate elevation you are finding these? That is a pretty good haul! I quess this rain might have sparked them.
Thanks for any info you can give. Good luck hunting
Hi cosmiccharlie84.I found those at about 2600 to 2800 feet around tulip poplars in a deep cove with a creek in the bottom.they were young and I didn't find but maybe 5 or six that were old.I am going back tomorrow to finish out that hollow and check about three more spots close by.I'll try to repost tomorrow to let you know how it went.Also I live in Chereokee county so we are not that far away from each other by the sound of it.Good luck.
Went back this morning to finish up the spot I started Saturday and man were they up!I even found them where I had previously looked.I haven't counted them as of yet but I would say a conservative guess as to what I found would be around 300 or more morels today.I have to go back to work tomorrow so by the time I get back home I suspect that the season will be winding down around here but 450 morels in two days,actually more like 3 hours isn't bad at all.I hpoe everybody else is having a good season too!As for me; I think I'll go heat up some butter,crack a few eggs, and batter me up some long awaited treasures of spring!Good luck all.
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