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How to Identify Dead Elms - Video

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Are you sure you know what a dead elm looks like? Check out my YouTube video posted after last season (2012), “How to Identify Dead Elms.” It focuses on dead elms, not morels. To see the shrooms found under these same trees check out my companion videos, “Confessions of a Tree Hunter – Part One and Part Two.” Part One netted 14 lbs, and Part Two ended with 9 lbs, in 2012, which was a poor year for most of us.

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Excellent video ! That should help and answer a lot of questions.
Thanks, Jack. I hope it gives newbies a better idea of what to look for, and even helps those who are not sure. I would be thrilled if someone watched this video, and then went out and found a few pounds of morels under dead elms because of what they had learned. I get excited when I see a dead elm in the distance and begin walking in that direction with great anticipation. They have produced often enough to keep my hopes up and to keep checking them even when I'm tired.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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