How to keep volunteer morels coming back?

Discussion in 'Washington' started by Mr_IC, Mar 31, 2018.

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    Last year I put down some compost as mulch along the west side of my garage. Today, I was out weeding and saw that there was a beautiful volunteer morel growing out of the mulch right next to 152254073826379618384.jpg the concrete walkway. I'm hoping to find info on how to either keep the spot producing motels or where to transplant it to on my property.

    Right now it's out in the open getting a lot of sun. The honeycomb has barely started to open. I live about 30 miles south of Seattle about 300 yards off the Puyallup river. This area has loose, Sandy soil and used to be farmland. We don't have any woodsy areas, but we've got some English walnut trees, some fruit trees, and some arborvitae. We also have some shady areas.

    Not sure if I should leave it or move the soil elsewhere. Either works for me.


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    Let it spore out!

    When morels start to dry they burst out spores that go airborne.

    Some people cut them into pieces and scatter them around their property before they start to dry out so the each piece releases spores that are potential morels for the following year.

    Another method is making a slurry using molasses, sawdust and a combination of other ingredients.

    You can find that method on YouTube.

    Hope this helps you out bud.
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