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aries032874,Did you get your photos to post? If those were yours on the photo page, I have a harvest suggestion to cut them off rather than pull up the whole thing.Below is suggested harvest method for "Chants." but I personally feel it applies to morels also. Nice job finding some this late, ain't it GREAT!!

" 1)Harvest your mushrooms. While it is assumed by many beginners that picking the mushroom is the easiest and safest way to harvest a mushroom, cutting it above the stem base will allow more chanterelles to fruit in the same spot later. The beginnings of more chanterelles are contained in the stringy mycelium (fungal roots) that connects to the mushroom base, and tearing away the thread will potentially weaken the patch. For identification purposes, unearth a chanterelle to view the entire fruiting body, but otherwise, use a knife! [2] ":wink:
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