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  1. mushroommandan1977

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    Hey is there anybody in the saint joseph area that would be interested in teaming up together for the season I've been mushroom hunting for many years but don't have my own vehicle to get out this season i have buyers already for the season also and really need to make some money so please help a fellow shroomer out and text or call me at 8163442479 my name is Daniel
  2. mumatt15

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    Hey there, my name is Matt and I live in the KC area. From posts I've seen on here it seems like it has been a great season for a lot of people. Unfortunately I can count on one hand the amount of morels I've found so far (after 15-18 hours of searching what have been good spots in the past). If you know of some good spots in your area I might be interested in teaming up. I am not hunting for them to sell and only want a decent haul for cooking at home so if you were willing to take me to some promising spots I wouldn't be greedy at all. I work during the week but a Saturday or Sunday trip might work. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this. Have a good day and happy hunting.