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i cant believe how much

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ive searched, how many miles ive trekked, how many hours ive searched (over 40hrs now), how many different elevations ive tried, how many trees ive looked under in supposedly textbook conditions/areas etc etc etc etc etc...

...and have found absolutely nothing.

anyone willing to tell me in extreme detail how they search, from when they step out of their car,<span style="text-decoration:underline"> i\'ll read the whole thing</span>. exactly what you do, what details you look for, how you look. act like ive only seen the name of the mushroom. what face of the mountain, ridges or ravines, how far from the tree, how close you are to the ground. im talking details.

im so gahdamn sick of getting skunked and wasting so much gas, time and energy. im damn near close to throwing in the towel on the whole thing. i read everywhere that the hunt is half the fun....well when youve searched 1000ft in elev and put a full work week in (40hr) PLUS overtime...that sh.t isnt fun anymore.
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Morels are tricky. They start at the southern end of California and work their way towards the north. They also start at lower elevations and progress to higher elevations. I don't even try until I get positive reports in areas I want to try. You should join some California on line clubs. For example: MSSF, BAMS, and SOMA. Keep track of reports on these boards. I should point out that most members of the clubs are tight lipped. BAMS seems to be the most chatty.
I'm new to this site and see you live in So Cal. Morels might have passed you by already. I also see you were talking about a club down there. It would be good to join and attend a few of their excursions to get started. I joined the Mycological Society of SF to help learn and having been watching the Bay Area Mushroom Society forum. Go to this link and click on Affiliated Clubs, go to your state and you'll see the Mycology Clubs, with one hopefully in your area.
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