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Identification help.

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I spent hrs trying to find what this is.I don’t even know if it is a mushroom.Any help would greatly be appreciated.Thanks.
Plant Organism Terrestrial plant Twig Vegetable

Wood Plant Organism Twig Terrestrial animal

Plant Wood Terrestrial plant Twig Natural material

Plant Terrestrial plant Natural material Terrestrial animal Wood

Plant Natural material Terrestrial plant Wood Twig
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Yup that is it.Thank you very much!
Yup that is it.Thank you very much!
It's called Bear Corn and sometimes Squaw Root in the Appalachians.
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From what I've been told by locals in the Shenandoah area, bears use it to cure their constipated state that they have during their semi-hibernation period. Black Bears in the Appalachians don't have a full hibernation.
It's usually a sign that morels are in full swing but nearing the end of their fruitng period.
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