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Illinois Morel Season 2015

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Won't be long guys! I have normally just sat back watched what everyone has to say, but this year I decided to get involved. I usually pick quite a few so I hope to be posting several pictures to add to the mix this year. Feel free to use this post to report finds and discuss morel hunting. I'm happy to answer questions the best I an to anyone looking for answers on morels. Good luck everyone! No morels left behind!
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what part of illinois you from i am from central illinois
I'm in east central illinois, clark county. I hate this cold. I'm afraid it will be May before I pick a mushroom. Lol.
I'm in Macon County. The warmth should be here soon enough. Just hope it stays moist! For those who haven't seen Chris Matherly's website, they are finding them in the southern parts of the country...
I am from Lawrenceville and my farm is in Clark Count Between West York and Union of the Melrose road. and it's way to early.I find them when I am up there Turkey hunting and we are still a few weeks from Turkey Season the Turkeys are not talking that great yet .I don't know about in Clark but here in Lawrence it frosted last night so my advice would be find you a good crappie lake or pond and go buy you some minnows and catch you some tasty slabs.
East central IL going to warm up next week not saying it will get things going but at least heading in the right direction.
Tadnpoe, Im sure to are right a good while left to wait I expect late April before things are going good! I now about when your farm is, should be a good area to find some expecially if you have some creekbottomS. I've been trying to find a place by west union to hunt, they find them about a week before me. I hunt within 10 miles of marshall most of the time. also, I was just thinking I may try to catch some crappie tomorrow! Supposed to be up to 50.. lol. I hate this cold. Had to break the ice for the cow this morning!
NW IL here, I'll be waiting quite a while before i can get out up here. I am working in NE AR though so hopefully i can get out pretty soon down there.
Hey 25, in a week or two Arkansas should be getting going I would be out if I was you!
That's what I'm hoping. I'm home for a week till after easter but when i get back down there, i plan on trying to look.
31 found in s. illinois over the weekend.... game on!
No kidding I ain't far from there north bout hour and half figured I had atleast few weeks..
I live in central Il. I'm going to take some ground temps on Wednesday to see how close we are. Rain is coming this week and might go out this weekend to take a peek but still a little early.
I figure we got a week maybe 2 yet before I hit my spot for small greys.. and I thought 2 weeks from now is pushing it
My Dad used to go hunting them but has now decided to give it up this year, due to my step mother's health. This will be my first year alone. Wish me luck!! Any sincere tips for this single Mom? lol Thnx
They are up in Southern IL!!! Im so jealous but my friend from SIU Carbondale always gives me a heads up when he finds his first blacks. Found about 12 of them yesterday and had his pictures up on FB. Some still tiny but still a morel for 2015! Probably another 3-4 wks for central IL depending on the weather. GOOD LUCK TO ALL THOSE IN THE SOUTH!
Learn your trees! My tip for any morel hunter is to learn to identify dead and dying elm, live dead and dying cottonwood, and live ash. While other trees do associate with morels these are the ones I see the most often. All three trees are easy to identify with a little help. Lots of helpful youtube videos on tree id. I would say peak season isn't gonna be until late april this year in central illinois.
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