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Headed out thurs! WHO NOZ??? Got my decoys and call packed.
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I remember an article from years back where someone claimed you could decoy morels. I figure it was all made up, but it seems that many shroomers may be superstitious. To each their own I say!
May b for sale after thurs hunt?????
Nice catch!!! We are going out this weekend to start the hunt!! I have heard they have been found along the ElkHorn River already!! What area of Nebraska are you in???
Started south.... Hopeing to head farther south if there BITEN !
Didn't find anything at Branched Oak, but that is not surprising as I'm a newbie and never find any. I just wander around until I get tired. I did see a pheasant and 3 turkeys, though, and enjoyed the beautiful day.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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