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Step into those woods and let everyone exactly why you're there. The exact opposite of camoflauge, you'll be foraging in handmade tie-dye with the only MOREL MUSHROOM design available in handmade tie-dye. These are amazing original designs by my mycophile wife, the Tie Dye Lady of Peotone.

Morel shirts on the clothesline.png

  • Tie-dyed handmade bags with MESH bottom of course, complete with hand-stitched mushrooms
  • Tie-dyed t-shirts, long sleeve, tops, bottoms, upcycled handmade creations, and more
  • Only commercial Procion dyes used. These colors don't run.

Take off the camo, bro! Those mushrooms won't see you coming anyhow, I guarantee. Step loud and proud (and don't get shot) in high-quality dyes that stay nice and sharp over years and years. You're the king of your woods, so gear up and show everyone that you're on the top of their food chain.

Currently clocking 283 sales, 62 product reviews with an average FIVE STAR rating on Etsy.

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About Harvest Moon Creations - we have run a tie-dye stand at our local farmer's market for 15 years, every summer. Melora's skills are t-t-t-tight and the dyes are amazing. We have regulars that come in wearing stuff they bought from her 15 years ago (literally true, since she gives a $1 "model" discount to anyone wearing her stuff!)



We're the real deal, folks. ;)
Come see use at


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