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I have never in my 40 years of hunting morels seen anything like this. We actually aren't hunting morels this year, we're just simply picking them. Picked over 50 lbs. in 5 hours so far.INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Very Nice PackMan! I think I experienced the same scenario in central KS over the last couple weeks. I would like to share some of my observations and see if they match up with you just for history sake if that would interest you. This was by far my best year ever and I would love to understand it better and from a different perspective!

[email protected]

Good luck ShroomMates!
That's funny you ask. Last night i was telling some friends about you and a pic you had posted with your fridge full of morels. I was searching all over, because i had actually come across the picture when i was looking at message boards from other states. I couldn't remember where to find it. I would love to hear from you and share our observations. It 'd be interesting. I think i know why they're abundant here this year, but they seem to fool me some years.
PackMan Mike
Hey buddy how are ya. Doing quite well this yea I see. Shoot me a Text 402-750-1348
Great Job Mike! Yes I agree this year has been awesome, got about 12 pounds so far this year, it's been excellent. Thanks for you help last year, glad you're having such amazing luck this year!
Mike, when time allows my phone # is 913-481-5618. I will be on the road for a few hours this afternoon.

FYI: I hunted the Des Moines river SE of Des Moines yesterday but did not have any luck. Just trying to guage what is going on over there but it doesn't look good. Headed to Central NE. today for the weekend. Grew up in Omaha and haven't been back that way for a bit so I am excited!

The pic you were referring to is on the KS board. I have other huge hauls from this year on the Oklahoma board as well. I have had 5 weekends in a row with over 50 lbs. One weekend was over 100 lbs. It is hard to believe when it is happening!

Good luck ShroomMate!
Mitch, It really was just a dream. I picked those and you were going to sell them for me. Remember, I was going to spit the cash with you. Told you that one shroom you ate looked a little strange. Checks work fine.
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