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Indy area any luck???

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How goes it in Indy area. Bout done n S. In. Would like info on public hunting areas or if someone would like to hook up and pick. A place to camp and hunt would b great.
I smella the Morella!!
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Man, I've just about given up here .I've been completely shutout this year. Its been so depressing I just want to fall on my shroom'n stick ! (JUST KIDDING) But Im over it .I may try again Sun w/the Wife and daughter.
worst year Ive seen... One yelllow in Hamilton County..
I'm n southern tip picked around 20 lbs total. But scattered not great but way better than last year. Headed out to try again.
I'm hoping some yellows pop today. I'm in Hamilton Co. Had a good spot with greys a few weeks ago. Kept waiting for the yellows. A few days ago my spot had 2 big yellows, but they shut off with that cold freeze. Fingers crossed.

Talked to my buddy back home in Northern IL and he had a 6 lbs. day last Sat. Needless to say, I'm jealous.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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