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Instinct and Impulse

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While the passage of time is constant and measurable, our perception of it is certainly not. It's January 27 and,
looking forward, it seems like April is forever and a world away. But looking back, just three short months ago I was putting up Christmas lights. It hardly seems that it's been that long.

Three months from now, give or take a few weeks, we will be in the midst of another season. The quest to find the first will begin, our eyes will readjust to the textures of the woods, and we will traipse the woods amid the arrival of the fleeting colors and sweet warbles of songbirds and amid the bursting buds that become another year's leaves. Like the earth itself, we also will reawaken.

Last year never got going until early May in Washington County; just a few years back it began on April 1. I was literally born a shroomer, so this will be my 55th season. Instinct--or is it wishful thinking?--suggests that this will be an early season; after all, winter weather arrived somewhat if averages prevail, so will spring. My impulse is to head to the woods now and make mental note of my territory. I'll do that.

The rhythm of the seasons will play out as it will. Anyone else feeling instinct or impulse?
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I sure have Shroom God. I have been out scouting new areas, and since I expanded my mushroom Repertoire, I have noticed old carcasses of hen of the woods by some oaks, mental note ( actually I wrote them down this year) to go back. I love Morel hunting so much I needed to expand my season by searching for Black Trumpets ( finally found some moldy ones) chanterell ( not sure if I found some, confused on false gills) King bolete (yes spring early summer) Chicken of woods (yes) Hen of woods (lots). But the Morel is still my favorite. Last 2 years very late. This could be a early one, need some more rain up here or snow. But, the last 2 years in MN have been awesome, some say a slow warm up is better. Good luck to you.
I think that's right shroomtrooper, the slow warmup seems to extend the season. We were definitely about 2-3 weeks late here last year but the season lasted all through May. Seems like it was about perfect...enough moisture, not too hot, and it was pretty bountiful. I'm impressed by your shroom repertoire. I missed out on the fall season this year but I was hearing reports that hens were thick. I still have a few bags of morels in the freezer that I need to fry up. I think I'll wait until mid-March when the crappie start to come on then fo it up right. Good luck up there, go get 'em!
First nice stretch of weather up here, no snow pack what to speak of. Been out looking at your spots yet? Found a couple little spots that might produce, we will see. Good luck Shroom god, knock em dead.
Weather is sorta wacky. "Yo-yo" weather. Not complaining about the warmup or anything, but it's 79 here today but highs for the next 5 days look to be in the 40s with overnight near or below freezing. Hopefully we'll get some steady temps in a few weeks. Got your sacks and sticks ready shroomtrooper?
Me too SCRID. I can hardly wait. It's been a lonnnnng winter hasn't it?
Hello good spores of the world. O with a little of this and a little of that. We should be out picking in know time flat...Or at least earlier than May 25th! Back to the thorns I say!!!!!!!!!!
I just bought a camelbak pack, with a hydration system in it, ya I am ready.
I should get one of those. I usually just find a cold, clear spring that's running deep in the woods and drink from that. Years ago that wasn't too risky, but these days I might get cholera or nitrate poisoning. What a shame. Part of the fun of this is "going savage," ya know? I try to leave everything behind and revert to the most primitive stage possible. I try to become one with the animals, on equal terms.

You're right--SCRID <em>was </em>missing last year. He dropped off the face of the earth around mid-to-late season. It's good to know he lives to hunt another season. Won't be long. A month from now, give or take a few days.

I'm gettin' antsy.
Weird day today. Was out scouting, saw some Beech trees in a wash, went down and found some dehydrated black trumpets. Didn't think it was possible. Trumpets had some girth to it too. Thought they would be too broken down to make it through the winter.
I do not think I found old black trumpets, top looks good, but stem not right.
You guys are funny!
Yes God willing I will be hiking again this year.
Sorry I been really busy with work lately.
Rest assured you will see me in here blabbing and posting pics. ;-)
So I'm a bit of a newby compared to some shroom hunters. First hunted em with my grand dad in the 1960's. Didn't look for them much over the years, not much luck when I did. Found a few by accident while playing or workin in the timber. Last year actually looked in my south pasture. Found bout 20 or 25. One bigger than a pop can. Now can hardly wait to go lookin again. Even went and looked a week or two ago, even though I knew it was still too cold
Res, it's kinda addicting. I compare it adult easter egg hunting. :-D
Readin some of the post's here I see mentioned the terms chicken of the woods and hen of the woods. I'm not familiar with the terms. Do they mean the small gray shrooms and the bigger yellow shrooms ??.... If so which is which
Yea Scrid it is. And it's kinda fun braggin to the other guys if I get lucky and find a few ( I share with them) With the butter flour salt and all on them the Doc say's I shouldn't even be eating them. .... But I got my cholesterol pill
Good for you! Eat em up! My Docs probably gonna tell me to quit eating 20 Quaker steak wings and excessive beer on Tuesdays...but we all gotta die from something. :wink:
Shroomgod, been awhile since you started this post, Jan 27th I believe. Why is time going so slow now, at this very minute. I will be very jealous when my neighbors to the south start picking well before myself. need to hear everyone's stories to help get me through the waiting, painful waiting. Res, best way to learn about Hen of the woods and Chicken of the woods is U-tube. Thats what I did. They are right about the Morel season being kind of slow in the mushroom dept. for that time of year. But in my opinion, nothing beats a good Morel day,.. so far.
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