Iowa 2016 Morel Mania

Discussion in 'Iowa' started by scrid, Feb 22, 2016.

  1. shroomtrooper

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    Wow, just went out again, very dry. Hit some wet spots thinking that would be the ticket. Wrong, skunked. I know that we are supposed to get rain the next 3 days, but what do you think about getting the rain without the heat? Seems the wet spots where a little too cold soil temp wise, areas where the soil temp good, too dry. Wish I had my thermometer with to confirm my theory. Last year I was averaging 50 a day at this time. Jack in pulpits very small, no crown tip coral. Did see some dry early oysters tho.
  2. cwlake

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    The best year I ever had was a cool wet month of may. Seemed to rain every other day with temps 50-60. As long as you don't get the heat, they will keep popping with moisture.

  3. mushroom_mentor

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    FOUND SOME IN MINNESOTA! [video][/video]
  4. Old Elm

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    Now REALLY.............
  5. mushroommadman

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    Sounds like you had a good day Kb - Congratulations! It's always good when you run into good people like that who let you hunt. That was success in itself. I was close to your neck of the woods yesterday and wondering if you had went. Went to my wife's sisters house in Kansas City for Mother's Day and fried up some mushrooms for their 86 year old Grandma. Their uncle showed up too when he heard there were morels. He used to hunt for them pretty hard too, but recently had a stroke that affected his ability to get around. He enjoyed getting some and swapping mushroom stories back and forth. Also gave a 93 year old neighbor lady that has let me quail hunt on her land for years some too. She said she hadn't had any this year and was afraid she wasn't going to either. Yeah might not have been the best year, but putting a smile on peoples faces when they see morels is priceless. I'm probably going to call it quits this year also, but my wife has been showing me some pictures of big finds in Wisconsin so who knows. Got to work for a few days first though. The earliest I could leave would be next Friday so will have to see. The life of a morel addict!! Probably will be checking the sites on here for the next couple weeks here and there. So let me know if you did another trip and I'll do the same. Good to chat with you and see ya next year if I don't hear from ya.
  6. kb

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    the old guys have great morel stories. probably all true since they had hardly any one else looking like now, and lived their prime in the elm die off. I know, my dad's almost 86, his stories get bigger every year. When i first met my wife's family they would always want to go to this one ditch to hunt, guess they had filled pillow cases there once for a few years. It was hard explaining to them the elms were gone. they just thought they grew there. a lot of people did not get their morels this year. I had cold calls from as far away as Georgia from people who wanted some. don't even know who they were. gave them the sad news, it was like they could not believe it. well, you took care of family and probably some friends to. Nice job. the folks like those really appreciate it. I gave some to a grandpa and his granddaughter when i walked out of a bottom one evening, the little girl said they had looked everywhere. thank god i gave them some. I never thought this year would be so bad. Madman, i am going to need to get a tracker on your truck though, you got the magic touch where ever it is you go in Iowa. I think your wife wants you to go again and pay for a short vacation. Man, the buyers are paying up for morels this year. that picture of yours was worth about $800-900 or more.
  7. shroomtrooper

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    CWLAKE, ya a slow warming with rain is ideal.
  8. mushroom jake

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    My buddy and I came up for our annual shroom trip. Just finished up today. Found around 200 in 4 days. Some big boys too, and greys. They're still up in the hills in NE iowa. And we didn't tresspass lol
  9. tootallshorromer

    tootallshorromer Young Morel

    My dad and I went to NE Iowa today, Fayette County area and found about 18 lbs of big yellows. Had we went 3-5 days earlier we probably would have had 30+ lbs..... We found so many dried up ones.... 90% were within a 30' diameter of several dead elms.........Its definitely the end of the season. If you are in NE iowa, you need to get out in the next few days as it will be over very soon.
  10. shroomtrooper

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    Finally found 16 big ones yesterday, all in one spot more or less. My usual spot have not produced yet. West of Twin cities MN
  11. chrigs

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    still finding them 3 and 4 at a time on the river bottoms in nw iowa. I think the hills are probably close to being done. But I really think the river bottoms are just starting here. Been a very weird year, early on warmer than normal, then right when they were starting, weeks of cold and rain, the river bottoms are still flooded , or at least very wet, finding them on the dry sunny spots.Sounds srange but the bottoms are so much cooler at night, soil temps are much lower,they are sometimes weeks behind the hills