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It's almost Time, Michigan

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Getting antsey, looking for new spots while on my routes!!
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I too am getting antsy. My eyes are constantly wandering to the woods while I am driving looking for freshly dead elm trees, ash trees, old fruit trees, etc.
We have been getting very good precipitation the last several weeks and have about 4 inches of snow on the ground. That will help, I see the possibility of snow Tuesday and warming by the weekend. All good. We havebeen lucky that every time the ground cover snow melted, we got more snow cover within a day or two. Winter evaporation has been minnimal.
Now I just need to start walking and getting the wood legs into shape ( and lose a little gut too!}.
Hey ZMushroom Queen you are correct. Have you noticed that the trees are budding and ready to open? I think in about 2-3 weeks the temps will break and it will warm up nicely. Hopefully a gradual warming not the sudden summer we had last year
I too have been barely keeping it between the guardrails while watching for elms,, ash and poppo I definitely have caught the morel fever again even after almost 70 years of chasing the fast little buggers Jim
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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