Jefferson Co. Yellows and Greys

Discussion in 'Kentucky' started by dr_ more l_ mushroom, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. dr_ more l_ mushroom

    dr_ more l_ mushroom Young Morel

    Found first yellow and two small greys 2 days ago in less than 5 minutes, then one tiny grey yesterday in same area I check first every year. Have several new areas with permission to go looking this year.
    Looking for anyone who wants to cover some large areas together locally with a 20 year veteran whos got 25/20 vision.
    Also, If anyone has permission for good areas to go looking for artifacts I'm very interested!
    My phone # is listed in profile info section. Thanks!
  2. catscards

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    arrow head collector myself, my friend goes walking fields for heads, but i go to the slopes on creeks in Shelby co,while he is in plowed fields, but Jeff Co. is my best spot, in the city limits, 4 lane roads !!!!! too busy to team up, keep posting type of areas where you are finding, not the locations, just lookin for more advise. Lots of times it is easier to go to Irvin Ky in April with some cash in hand for festival...good luck...buckseason 54