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July in Minnesota

Discussion in 'Minnesota' started by sea_70, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. sea_70

    sea_70 Young Morel

    Hello, I'm new to this board. I'll be visiting the Leech Lake area of Minnesota in mid early to mid July, and was hoping to do a bit of mushroom hunting. What can I expect to find? Hoping for late season morels, maybe some early chanterelles, oysters, etc. Any tips or guidance would be appreciated! thanks, Scott
  2. shroomster

    shroomster Morel Enthusiast

    No morels maybe chants or scaber stalk or lobster good luck

  3. iland99

    iland99 Morel Enthusiast

    Morels will be done by then for sure. I live about half an hour from Walker. Last year at the end of July we were finding a few chantrelles, a few hedgehogs, lots of lobsters, chicken of the woods, and even some king boletes. That's a couple weeks later in the year than you'll be there, but last year was such a late spring that the timeline might match up.