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Kane County St. Charles...They're up!

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Once again my early spot is in my own front yard.
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Nice! I was out a few times in Kane and west DuPage and only found a couple. Going to try and get out after work as much as possible. Last year I was unemployed so I was in the woods constantly.
Went out over the weekend in Dupage Nothing hopefuly any day now, going to head south (Plainfield area ) tommarow

SWEET ! Going out tonight after work. Thats a nice haul.
Went out after finding these in my yard to big patch of woods and walked for 5 miles. Lots of dead elms but didn't find a single one.
I walked around some woods today in Kane County. Found some other types but no Morels. :-? I guess my question would be if I am finding all these and no Morels, they just arn't out yet? Would finding these be a good sign of a good area for Morels?
Why can't I figure out how to post pics on here! :( Anyway , I must of found 4 or 5 different types of mushroom/ fungi today, In large numbers too!! But No Morels!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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