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Kansas City Area Predictions

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What are your predictions for finding the first morels this year around the Kansas City area?
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I found my first little morels last year on April 19th. I think with the early warm up we might see them pop up a little earlier than that this year.
Im in blue springs and found them on 4/2 last year on south slopes. Does anyone know what depth i should be checking soil temp?
4 inches down is what the farmers use I believe. I am not sure if that translates to mushrooms though... I'm in Grain Valley, but I went out to Lafayette county to find them first last year...
Lol. I go to grain valley mostly but along the river in Lafayette County too. Soil temp is 48 right now in buckner. Hopefully it rains tomorrow and if it does, ill definitely be out in the woods saturday(probably wasting my time ).dandelions are up..i dont know..
Dear Fellow Hunters,
I am down here by Truman lake I Got the itch also! Looks like rain on Thursday after rain today, Truman Lake water surface temp. is only 42 degrees. Forecast for 70's this weekend but, I still think it is to early. After hunting for 30 plus years April 15th, TAX day was always my main date. Last year was April 19th by Truman Lake (2014) when I found mt first morels. Robins just showed up here 4 days ago, day lilies are up but need to grow some more, no dandelions up down here yet. Last year, the first day I found them, Truman Lake was 58 degrees surface temp. and that was the first day the day lilies bloomed. As spring is progressing, I think we are ahead of last year. I will probably have to scartch y itch on Sunday if for nothing else to get my legs ready for the season. Wish You All The Best.
Does anyone know how long it takes before a burned area will propagate morels? There is a wildlife area that is close to me that burned a couple hundred acres 2 years ago...
I've always heard 2-3 years after. You ever hunt Burr Oak Woods? I've been and looked but never found many. I talked to another guy who hunts out there and says it gets picked over pretty hard.
Thats where im talking about that got burned. I hunt a day there every year. A LOT of people. More get stepped on out there than found. Down in the sw corner is decent
I found them on 3/23/12 there and not until 4/11 last year. Monkey mountain usually produces earlier for public places i hunt
Yeah, agreed about Burr Oak. I did pretty well at Monkey Mountain last year, went several times. FYI, Monkey mountain is also good for Chanterelles and Lobsters;)
2012 was also an early crop from what I can tell and remember.
I looked at 2012 soil temp and archived forecasts and it was almost identical to now. With all this rain, and Saturday and Sunday being in the 70's hopefully will warm the ground the 8 more degrees we need..ill be out monday
Going to check the burned area at burr oak woods. A ton of people here.
Nothing yet. May apples 1 inch out of the ground. Starting to green up
Think we just need more rain, will warm ground temps up faster. Will not be able to get out and check until first weekend in April. Hope you are finding some by then!
Kc you look on public or private. I am close to Tiffany springs park off of route k. Found a few there last year but a lot of pickers. Best luck has been along platte River. I'm good with a couple messes of shrooms and then give away some. Thinking about trying to dry some this year.
I'm east of Tiffany. Went out for a couple of hours today. Nothing yet!
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