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Lafayette/West Lafayette

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Went out today because everyone is talking about people finding hundreds of shrooms (blacks I'm assuming), so I had to see for myself. No shrooms yet around here that I! could find just tracks of other hunters out and about, still a little dry, got some rain coming tonight and later in the week, we'll start finding em then. So for all those that haven't been out worries you'll be fine. I'll post all my finds and as much info as I care to; hopefully others around here will too. Good Luck to all this year,ahhhh another season is upon us.
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Went out in the West Lafayette area this evening and found about 12 greys. Ground was still very dry, even with the recent rain. There seems to be a lot of solid leaf cover that the shrooms are going to have to work hard to break through! I'm heading back out on Sunday!
Just be patient. I think we are still a few days away from the big harvests. You can however go out now (I will be out again tomorrow) , but I will be looking more for leaf pops. This is what I call it when a mushroom pushes up a leaf as it tries to breakthrough. These are harder to see, but it allows me to hunt sooner. Hope this helps!
Hello everyone, I am happy to hear that everyone is finally finding mushrooms. I have had a great last few days. I have found 1500 mushrooms so far. Many half free, many yellows and just starting to find greys, which is a strange order for me. I would like to post pictures, but it seems like a huge hassle on here. Thewalkingstick? <a href=""><img src="" alt="" /></a>
I thought that may have been sarcasm, but I wasn't sure. What photo site did you use thewalkingstick?
Found these last night, woods looks great. I think the hunt is on this weekend!! Happy hunting!
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