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Lafayette/West Lafayette

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Went out today because everyone is talking about people finding hundreds of shrooms (blacks I'm assuming), so I had to see for myself. No shrooms yet around here that I! could find just tracks of other hunters out and about, still a little dry, got some rain coming tonight and later in the week, we'll start finding em then. So for all those that haven't been out worries you'll be fine. I'll post all my finds and as much info as I care to; hopefully others around here will too. Good Luck to all this year,ahhhh another season is upon us.
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I live in Lafayette and hunted many miles and hours to find squat in usual hunny holes walking stick.. several key spots this year just didn't produce a big flush like so many years past my woods was too dry I believe rained to late this weekend should've found them and nothing you find many in our surrounding areas honestly? lol just asking cause all my spots been hunting years like 50 years thru our family zero for the year......depressed so you got a fb page I wanna see some nice ones at least?

No shrumster I dont do Facebook ive got some pics further back on this thread. I didn't take any of todays batch but they were more like what I usually get big yellows 5-6". Everything else this year has been small...weird.
Its called shrooming not shopping, I hated it when someone told me that one but they were right
Wabash county...Its a tricky year. Its all about the conditions and the woods type. I went to three different woods on Saturday, that my family own and I have hunted my whole life...searched for 6 hours...first two nothing and the third one I found three areas of morels around three dead elms...the third woods is usually very swampy but this year its pretty dry...the morels were greys and big yellows...only about 30 total but given the year its a good find. No complaints here.
I search looking up at the dead trees, as much as I do looking down at the other words, If you are just out wandering randomly, your wasting your time this year. Find the dead elms with bark still on them and you will find a few. Good luck my friends
Thought I would get this post started again, woohoo, its almost time. Think we're a couple weeks away from finding yellows especially with some cold nights coming next week...kind of a bummer to see those 30s, in the evenings, coming back that'll halt em right away. but I'll be out Sunday, though, cant help it.
I'll post my findings please do the same. Good luck all
The shroomer in me says don't share this but the decent human being says do it!
If you have a smart phone on you when your picking then this is a site that can really help. Good luck
Hey guys, took my son out after school today and we found 21 blacks (kinda brown really) @ 3 inches. Found em around a big dead elm that keeps pushing em up. Attached is a photo of a couple (been awhile hopefully I remember). I think all next week, as it progresses, we'll be in the yellows. GOOD LUCK ALL!!
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IDK but I think it freezing weather doesn't help either all. I'm around Rossville and don't usually find them until you guys around Lafayette find them then a week late I start finding them. If it warms up and rains then it ought to be a Barn Burner year!
OK fellow pickers I went out today in the pouring rain and found 78! greys under one dead American Elm...freaking amazing. The spot was in southern Tippecanoe I went north to Battleground and hit 2 spots with only 4 small greys that I left, a lot of dead elms just no shrooms. I'll go out tomorrow but am assuming so will a lot of others...get out people.

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A quick post, took my kids out Sunday and we found 3 stinking grey morels, tried some crappie fishing but to no avail looks like I used up all the luck in the rain on Saturday. Its early yet and there's more shrooming to come.
went hunting in northern parke county yesterday and found 100 yellows at 1" - 4". theyll be up there before you know it.
Not finding much & not much time to go...3 here 3 there and leaving a bunch of small greys. I guess that why its called hunting and not shopping, no white throated sparrows yet...I'm usually picking some nice yellows when they're singing.
Good luck all
YO YO fellow shroomers, went out today after work and found 137!! mostly greys with some yellows. Went to the tree I had found 78 last weekend and got 9 BIG yellows I walked another 100yards or so and found a huge dead elm and that's where the mother load was...128!! Years ago when I first started looking for these things I spent all my time looking down...but now, I spend my time looking up for trees with no buds starting, loose bark, dead elms if your lucky. Here's the pics

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Yo. Stick what's your elevation there, it's 904. And nothen yet.
Gufster- 733' on a North facing slope, via google earth, it was a massive Red Elm if my identification was correct.
Went out this morning at the crack of dawn to beat all other shroomers and did well. Went to the 2 trees in southern Tipp that have given me to big messes this year and found 28 huge yellows around one tree. I paid a price though with the mosquitoes, sticker bushes and "nettles" and the humidity...but worth it, of course! with a belly full of fried mushrooms and scrambled eggs. Good luck all

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Well fellow shroomers I'm done for the year, it was a pleasure as always talking to everyone and reading others posts...
Alright fellow shroomers starting this one again...had bad luck last year a real tough spring so no shrooms for me in 2016, hopefully that changes this year. Ill post all I can, good luck all
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I found about 12-15lbs total in West Lafayette area last year, April 26th & April 28th. Never found before in those spots, over 20 years, and earliest I've found them in that woods by several weeks. Weird season for sure.
By next Friday overnight lows in the 50s...& that's just what the shrooms ordered. Not even going to waste my time this weekend.
To all newbies, remember look UP! for shrooms not down
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