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They're coming out of the dirt, found 18 small yellows and grays and could not help but to pick them now. I was on my way to my favorite spot to see if anything was up and only found 1 yellow there... The 18 I found today were in a totally new spot, while walking I looked down and there she was... Got down on 1 knee and kept looking and they just kept appering one after another. Seen a few others I left alone for Sunday/Monday after more rain and heat it will be prime time Sunday-Friday in Lake County IL. Good luck!
Remember- Find one first, get down on 1 knee and keep looking, move 5 feet and get down again. Dont walk through the woods; more so lumber slowly getting down in the crouched position and look for a minute move again.
You want to look near dead trees with green moss and super black rich soil; if you go out tomorrow or Sunday you should find'em, the ground cover is not too heavy yet and the rain/heat really helped last couple days.. [/code]
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