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Late summer mushrooms

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Lots of things popping up in the woods this weekend.
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Comb tooth, chants, trumpets and chicken. Lots of various boletes were out especially painted boletes. I didnt pick any though.
Good to hear from ya,Jcumo! But why skip the boletes?That's a nice spread but a pile of boletes would make it nicer. Happy Hunting!!
The only edibles out were the painted and the slippery jack (both in large numbers). Not really a fan of either. Ill normally pick one batch of painted if not much else is out.
I saw on the Ohio board that some people are finding hens. Should I start checking here yet?
Havnt heard of anyone finding them here yet. Although last year was my first finding them. All too old though. Hoping this year will be my year.
Biggest haul of chicken I have seen in person. The kids freaked. It was just past prime but cutting away the parts that were starting to get "woody" left us with 25+lbs. Couldn't physically carry it all out of the woods and had to leave around 8lbs of it. There was a section that had obviously been cut so I dont think I was the only one to find it. It wouldnt have lasted much longer out there so I was selfish.
Nice find! And nice pic. Found a small bunch last week along with a nice sack of birch boletes.Happy Hunting!!
jcumo, When people ask me why I seek mushrooms I am going to show them this picture. It really captures the spirit of the hunt. Good for you to give your young ones time in the woods.
Please take care with the Laetiporus. Some people, myself included, build up a sensitivity to that wonderful fungi.
Thanks Geo. I had so much my wife gave some away. We were a little nervous about doing so. I have been posting pictures of mushrooms for the past few years on FB and friends are finally starting to warm up to eating them and wanted to take some home. I warned them about statistics I have seen online with people being sensitive too it. Luckily everyone has liked it with no problems.

The kids and I spend countless hours in the woods. They love exploring and foraging has taught them a lot about paying attention to their surroundings.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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