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latex milkies

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who's got the best recipes
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doesn't anyone hunt Milky's out there
I do! I don't have any recipes though! I just dice them and sautee in butter and add them to some eggs or put on toast. I love the Lactarius volemus - I call it the fish milky - and I really like the Indigo milky, but I haven't seen any this year. I have been considering pickling a jar of Lactarius piperatus too, since they are so common and I heard they ferment/pickle them in Europe. There's also a brown peppery-tasting milky that grows here in my woods that gets really big and has fooled me before into thinking it was an edible. It only took a minute to decide against that! HOT!!

So, do you have any recipes/recommendations for them? What is your favorite species?
Post your pictures of your recipes on the Ohio Site, on the Dinner Plate Page. Everybody can always use a new recipe.

No I don't have any. I have just got into the milkys this year. I have heard they r good sauteed up in some cream sauce.I've also heard the good and casseroles but sometimes are too seems like everywhere I look there's a peppery or latex.u
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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