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    Ive been hunting since I was 7-8 years old with my family in the same woods for 20 years. It was in Lincoln county close to the Casey county line . Last year I show up to hunt and the devastation of seeing the trees had been all cut down and a house built right where my favorite hunting patch used to be . It was a place for the whole community to hunt and now, nothing. It was an emotional moment for me. After setting in the drive way for a while, I get out to call my father to let him know what had happen I look down and find a beautiful fresh black morel. I seen this as hope for the future, in maybe one day I'd be back to hunt this area again . I've been unsuccessful in finding a new hunting area . If anyone in this area knows a place that I could hunt so that I can raise my kids to know that nature provides these beautiful odd looking treasures. I know ppl does NOT like to share their area but I would be very appreciative of someone who would share. Thanks for reading this and happy hunting . I know last year was a bust for most everyone .
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