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Little ones do not grow into big ones

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The little ones don't grow into big ones. Morels do pop, that's what fungi do, they pop. If there is any growth after popping, it's very minimal. So pick it as is,cause the next guy that comes along isn't going to wait and let it grow.
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I am looking to purchase 5 to 10 lbs at one time not for resale but for cooking. I cook for many people in my out door wood fire pizza oven. Last year I paid 15 a lbs for bulk rate. I do not sale them we cook them and use them for our gust. It is some what of a ministry for us. I am also willing to trade nice bottles of red wine for mushrooms? If someone is over loaded post me back or call 402 651 seven nine to eight. I am willing to work for them if someone had a good spot i would bring the wine!
Do we know when to start looking in the hills. My schedule did not allow me to get out until now.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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