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Found 9 whites this morning in Ingham county. Pretty small. Found near dead elms on East side if forest.

Going out to check a spot where I found a bunch of tiny blacks 2 days ago. It's a heavily picked area so I will be happy if they are there.

I ran into a couple with a dog picking blacks and "beefsteaks". We had a brief discussion about them but the woman has been eating them for years and had no problem... I pointed in a general direction where I had found dozens and thought about picking a few for her in hopes they would not come back to MY spot but my ethical side stopped me from doing so.

I found a tiny verpa conica and showed it to her. Told her I'd eat that before a gyromitra. Later I found V. bohemica (sp) and picked a few to admire. I don't know how anyone can eat them because of the weird garlic rubber smell much like a stink horns! The may look like a half free but they smell like a stink horn.

Happy hunting! :roll:
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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